Donkeys in Aruba

Aruba is a small island with a beautiful beach, great food and a quick flight from New York City. Things you need to do while you’re in Aruba include renting a Range Rover and exploring the island for a day. Take a short twenty minute drive to the eastern part of the island, and you’ll come across cliffs, rocky beaches, cactus, and wild donkeys. The freely roaming donkeys were the most unexpected part of the trip: they ambled about munching on grass without a care in the world…


Aruba from the airplane
Landing in Aruba: View from the airplane
donkey in Aruba
Donkey wandering around in  Aruba
Cactus in Aruba
Cactus on the Eastern side of Aruba
Fireworks in Aruba
Fireworks in Aruba

Fireworks are legal in Aruba, so a couple of families were hanging out on the beach setting some off in the evening. Never afraid of trying something new, I lit a couple fireworks myself.

Kate Stoltz in Aruba
Watching the sun set behind the ocean..

Time feels quicker while traveling. Near the sea, we forget to count the days.

XO, Kate Stoltz

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