Riverside Park on the Upper West Side

kate stoltz designer dressSunsets are my favorite part of day. I always take a moment out of my day to appreciate the magical colors in the sky at that magical hour. Sometimes I will leave work and see that the sun is starting to set, and will run a couple of streets where I can take in the view.    The colors in the sunset inspire me when I am designing or painting, but no matter how creative humans are, we are no match for nature’s beauty.

kate stoltz dress designer

I took a stroll out to Riverside Park yesterday evening after work, which runs from 72nd street to 125th street on the West Side in Manhattan. The cotton candy sky and the lights on the New Jersey side of the Hudson made the walk worth while.

The dress that I was wearing is a bespoke custom made Kate Stoltz piece that you can purchase here: www.katestoltz.com ..

Stay warm! XO, Kate Stoltz



  1. In these days of technology, I am still new to it all. I have enjoyed my visit on your site this morning.
    I follow the show and keep all of you in my prayers. I am proud of you for following your dreams of modeling and fashion design. Stay strong. Stay true to yourself. Remember to thank God for the fire inside of you. Looking forward to seeing more from you. Be HAPPY Kate!!!


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