Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just for Couples

Some people love Valentine’s Day and see it as a day to show their loved ones how much they care about them. Others choose to ignore the holiday while some simply hate it. I used to be halfway between hating the day and ignoring it. Now, I use it as a reminder to call my family and say hello to close friends.

kate stoltz valentines day outfit

I overheard a classmate bemoaning about the fact that she dreads the day because she is a single girl. I know exactly how that feels.. When all of your friends are receiving beautiful roses and cute presents from the special person in their life, it’s just a reminder that you are alone.

This year on Valentine’s Day, I am planning to get my hair and nails done. I bought myself a dozen roses and am spoiling myself for a week- I took two bubble baths this past week and am giving myself a daily facial. Tonight I am going out for a nice dinner and wine at a new restaurant with friends to get away from anything that has to do with school or work.

kate stoltz designer pencil skirt

The reason why I am spoiling myself is because in order to appreciate other people, you need to first appreciate yourself and be happy with who you are. I know this is said over and over in inspirational blogs, etc. but it’s so true.

kate stoltz designer pencil skirt

That’s why I think Valentine’s Day is fantastic for both singles and those in a relationship. It doesn’t have to be a day set aside to show someone else that you love him/her. Valentine’s Day can also be spent as a day to spoil yourself and get into touch with yourself. Love yourself and you’ll be amazed at how people around you seem to magically turn into better people…  it’s the power of perception.

Pencil Skirt: Kate Stoltz boucle pencil skirt

Blouse: Cedric Charlier

Shoes and Belt: Jason Wu


  1. Kate, I really appreciate what you wrote. It is a good day to splurge on ourselves. I’m forwarding this on to my sister; she absolutely hates Valentine’s Day. She says it just reminds her that she is alone. I love your ideas…most don’t even cost money. Although I’m married, I give myself a facial or foot massage just to re-charge myself . I’ll do the same tomorrow for my husband…it helps him also. You look beautiful and confident in your ensemble.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings on Valentine’s Day. I admire how you are taking charge of your life, and this just shows what a solid, healthy attitude you have on moving forward. I will remember this every year.


  3. Kate, thank you for sharing your Valentine’s Day with us. I am a senior citizen but I am going to buy roses for me Valentine’s Day 2017. Going to start a new tradition. Keep up the good work and you will go far in life. Don’t let anyone bully you about a boyfriend. I hope you have one and if you do its your business and no one else’s. Enjoy your life while you’re still young.


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