Cream Shift Day Dress

I’m obsessed with dresses, especially evening dresses and gowns. However, there are long gaps between special occasions that require more practical clothing.It doesn’t mean I don’t dress up, I just tone it down a lot. It’s not like the old days where the men went to work and the women had tea parties and wore pretty dresses..

Today’s busy professional women need a dress that they can wear from day to night. From the office, to dinner with clients, to drinks with friends. The vast majority of today’s women work side by side with male colleagues, and need to look professional enough to be taken seriously. However, most women still want to feel and look pretty. This has led to a lot of fashion designers creating dresses that are “the perfect dress for any occasion”.

I personally think that specific dress depends on your individual taste. Everyone has their own idea of what a good day to night dress is, and it’s often a very personal choice because of taste, career, body proportions and geographical location.

Made in NYC Fashion designer Kate Stoltz cream shift day dress
An outfit you can run in! –Kate Stoltz cream shift day dress

The all-day dress for me needs to be classic and dressy but definitely something you can run in. It needs to be appropriate for a job interview, and for after work drinks with friends. I’m always running from one meeting to the next, running to the fabric store before they close, running to get to class on time… If I need to travel from one location to the next while working, I will most likely be running. Partly because I’m very busy, and partially because it’s a great way to stay fit.

Since I run so much, I LOVE the women’s patent leather dress shoe trend. It’s a great way for women to be on trend, dressy, and comfortable at the same time. You don’t have to wear heels and you can wear socks. (I think you can be more productive if you are wearing comfortable shoes, so that’s another plus.) The black shoes look adorable with a day dress.

Made in NYC Fashion designer Kate Stoltz cream shift day dress
Designer Kate Stoltz wearing the cream shift day dress

I designed the Cream Shift Dress as my ‘all day dress’ in the Kate Stoltz Fall 2016 Collection. The silk lining makes the dress feel luxurious and cool despite warmer or cooler temperatures.

Stylist Lauren Abbondola dressed up the shift dress by adding megawatt Laruicci earrings and Guess women’s black patent leather dress shoes. Adding a jacket would have made it appropriate for the office-but the styling made the Kate Stoltz shift dress feel young and fun. Hairstylist Katie Albright added a trendy ‘bend’ to my hair, using her magic to make my hair look amazing. Photographer Matt Licari waited till the lighting was perfect and not to harsh, then proceeded to shoot the look in the McGolrick Park location in Brooklyn, New York.

What is your favorite ‘day to night dress‘ option and how do you like to dress it up? Sound off in the comment section below 🙂

XO, Kate Stoltz


  1. Hi Kate!
    Love all your designs😘. Is your shift dress available for purchase? Please let me know as it looks perfect to wear to an outdoor, afternoon wedding I am scheduled to attend.
    Thank You


    • Hi Patricia,
      Thank you for your kind words. The shift dress is available for purchase. Simply click on the photo of the dress and it will take you to . When you are ordering, enter your exact measurements in the special instructions box at the end of your purchase. Bust, hip, waist and height measurements are needed for this dress.
      Kate Stoltz

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  2. Greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina. My name is Mitch and my wife, Kecha, and I are huge fans of the show “Breaking Amish”. On the first show of the season, during your initially meeting with Cynthia Rowley, she fell in love with the dress that you were wearing. I would like to surprise her by purchasing this dress for her. Do you sell this dress and, if so, where do I go to find out how to purchase it? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work and continue to reach for the stars.


    • Hi David,
      Thank you for your interest and your encouragement!
      You can purchase dresses that I made at . That dress is not on my site, since I only made one. However, you can still purchase it. Buy a dress that is the same price at link: silver bell dress
      add a note that you want the black and white interview dress. Include her measurements if you know them. If not, look at a dress in her closet that fits her well for the size. That way I can tailor the dress to fit her before shipping it.

      Kate S


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