Sand Dunes and Sunsets of the Hamptons

Imagine if ten percent of Manhattan residents left their buildings at one time and tried to drive out of the city as fast as possible. That’s what it feels like if you leave the city at 4pm on Independence Day Weekend. I left right after class, but still didn’t beat the evening traffic. Traffic was so slow that I jumped out of the car to grab food at a deli while the driver kept driving. Five minutes later, I was back in the car- ready for the road trip.

Lifeguard Stand on Southampton beach sunset by kate stoltz
Lifeguard Stand on Southampton Beach

Even though the traffic can be horrendous, the drive to the Hamptons is worth it. I had the pleasure of staying in Montauk for the Fourth of July Weekend. As a designer, I am always inspired by the places I visit. The Hamptons are incredible for a good dose of visual nautical inspiration.

A casual and cool nautical theme is consistent through the towns, boutiques, homes, restaurants and of course, the outfits of the stylishly dressed visitors and locals. There are designer boutiques, delicious restaurants, barbecues, beach bonfires, and pretty much anything you could want at a beach except for Uber drivers.

Path leading to Montauk Beach sunset in South Hampton by Kate Stoltz
Path leading to Montauk beach


The pretty dunes on the beach and the beautiful sunsets make up for the fact that the water is too cold for most to go into. I made sure to take my camera with me wherever I went to capture the pretty sunsets and storm clouds. Here are a couple of my favorite snaps of the beach and of Hampton’s nature.

 XO- Kate Stoltz

Montauk, Hamptons beach sunset by Kate Stoltz
Montauk, East Hampton
Southampton Beach Hamptons at Sunset Photography by Kate Stoltz
Sand dunes on Southampton beach at sunset
Southampton Beach Hamptons at Sunset Photography by Kate Stoltz
Southampton Beach at Sunset
Storm Clouds on Flying Point Beach Hamptons by Kate Stoltz
Storm clouds at Flying Point Beach, Southampton
Storm Clouds on Flying Point Beach Hamptons by Kate Stoltz
Storm clouds over Southampton Beach


  1. Thank you Kate for the beautiful ocean beach sunset pics. It makes me want to leave my hectic city life behind and run for the shores!


  2. I have watched the TV show sporadically only to see what you’re doing. At least it gave you a platform for
    what you are doing. Other than that I can see how the rest of it could be very frustrating

    You have so many talents and a beautiful aesthetic.- fashion, photgraphy, and food.
    I hope you are finding success and never stop pursuing your dreams!


    • Hi Linda,
      Yes, it did give me a platform to talk about what I am doing. I am grateful for that. Thanks for the reminder. I hope you are finding success in whatever you do, wherever you are 🙂
      Have a blessed day!
      Kate Stoltz


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