Asymmetrical Dress and Neck Choker

nyc fashion designer kate stoltz
Fashion Designer Kate Stoltz wearing an asymmetrical silk dress

A recent trip to the Hamptons inspired this sea green Kate Stoltz NYC asymmetrical silk dress. I wanted the dress to flatter the figure, but wanted to be able to wear it during the day. I designed a body hugging dress with an asymmetrical ‘wave’.  I loved the frayed edges of the silk, so I used the edge on the hem and the edges of the layers. This helped elevate the asymmetrical layers and complete the beach inspired look. To finish the look, I made a white choker that reminded me of the rope on a lifeguard buoy. I slipped on neutral wooden-soled shoes, staying in my pastel ‘beach’ color palate.

nyc fashion designer kate stoltz
Kate Stoltz NYC outfit of the day
Kate Stoltz NYC asymmetrical silk dress
Asymmetrical silk dress
kate stoltz nyc silk dress
Kate Stoltz NYC asymmetrical silk dress with fringed edge
Fight racial and religious hate
No tolerance for racial or religious hate

While I was at the Museum of New York City, I was struck by this poster. There is so much going on in the world today.. Our fight for religious and racial equality is far from over, we need to keep fighting for EQUALITY around the world. We ALL deserve to be treated as equals, no matter what our background is…

xo, Kate Stoltz


  1. Kate, while watching you on TV you have indeed flourished as a beautiful woman and a talented artist in fashion! It’s inspiring to see that you don’t hold your past upbring against others…You thank those and God for your teachings while trying to find yourself in this very intimidating world!
    I believe no matter our background or religious beliefs…at some point all women and men; I presume, have to find our own way. I was raised by my Dad and Stepmom and am grateful everyday, even for the time I chose to run away. Wow…did I grow up! I married, became a nurse professionally and raised my family. However, I am just now taking the time to find out who I really am.
    God Bless you as grow, as your passion for fashion continues and your kindhearted, loving heart finds all you need and desire.
    Keeping God’s love in your heart is radiant as you strive to learn and do the best you can!
    -signed, a Christian Mother who supports your choices and prays for you as a mom does for her children and sisters in Him.


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