Black Lace Mermaid Dress

Kate Stoltz Nyc Designer
Kate Stoltz NYC Mermaid Dress back view
Kate Stoltz Nyc Designer
Kate Stoltz NYC Mermaid Dress Front View
Kate Stoltz nyc designer dress
Kate Stoltz NYC Mermaid Dress side view

How many pieces of fabric are used to make a dress? It highly depends on the design of the dress, but even I was little surprised when I counted the pieces used in the Kate Stoltz NYC Mermaid Dress… 92 pieces of fabric plus the zipper.

The Kate Stoltz NYC black lace mermaid dress is lined twice with 100% silk. One layer is for the visible exterior part of the dress, and the second lining acts as an interior lining, carefully covering the finished inside seams.

Custom made to fit the individual clients body, the seam lines are strategically placed for both visual and fitting purposes, with 12 panels in the skirt alone. The three layers quickly add up to a time consuming sewing project, one that is done with right here in New York City.

As with all other Kate Stoltz dresses, the pattern making, cutting and sewing is done locally. Sewing 92 pieces of fabric together takes a lot of time, but I find the end result to be worth it!

XO- Kate Stoltz

Designer and Model: Kate Stoltz 

Photographs: Matt Licari

Styling: Lauren Temple


  1. Oh, Kate. I think this the best yet. How I wish I were thinner -and younger! Exquisite. You ate truly blooming!

    Nancy – Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Anna,
      Thank you! I wore my own dress countless times to different events (in different social groups of course 🙂 ). I will not be selling patterns in the near future, but it is a very good idea. I love pattern making! I’ll let you know if I do:)


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