Developing Faces Approach, Philosophy and Commitments

Developing Faces Approach, Philosophy and Commitments released by Kate Stoltz
Developing Faces Approach, Philosophy and Commitments

Kate Stoltz is a Board Member and Head of the Event Committee for Developing Faces. She is committed to helping the charity succeed in the mission and maintain the philosophy and goals of the 501c3 nonprofit based in New York City.

(The below is a repeat of the above pdf, written out for those who chose to read in larger print)

Who we are: Founded in 2013, Developing Faces is committed to improving the quality of life of babies and children with facial abnormalities. By leveraging the resources and intellectual capital of our team, Developing Faces provides high quality surgical care to babies and children with cleft lips and other craniofacial anomalies in developing countries around the world.

Committed to our Approach:

  • Collaborate with international surgeons to identify countries in need and to help with patient selection.
  • Provide training for local surgeons in the countries we serve to ensure proper postoperative care.
  • Organize postoperative follow-up and repeat surgical missions as needed.
    Committed to our Philosophy:

Committed to our Philosophy:

  • Developing Faces utilizes the experience and expertise of the medial professionals in our organization to deliver the highest quality of surgical care in developing countries. Our surgeons are U.S. board certified in their respective specialties and have extensive experience operating outside of the United States.

Ways to give:

The effectiveness of our surgical missions is due in large part to our generous supporters. To donate now, you can make a gift through our website For donations by mail, we accept checks mailed to our headquarters at 460 Park Avenue, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10022. Please make the checks payable to Developing Faces.

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