Pre Valentine’s Day Sale

Valentine’s Day is known as a day to show our loved ones, especially our significant others, how much we love them. It’s also known for rosy pink and red colors, cupid’s arrows and hearts. This year, Kate Stoltz NYC is running a pre-Valentine’s Day sale to help women prepare for the special day. The selected products were carefully chosen based on color, design and occasion.

In the meantime, remember what the holiday is meant to bring out of people: love and compassion. Show love to people you meet, people you pass on the street and don’t forget to show love to people online. As more of our interactions with strangers and friends happen behind computer screens, some people forget that the online interactions are just as important as the ones in person…

To see the full list of selected Valentine’s Day items, visit Take care and stay warm!

XO, Kate Stoltz

Kate Stoltz NYC
Kate Stoltz NYC Valentine’s Day Sale
Kate Stoltz
Kate Stoltz
Kate Stoltz
Kate Stoltz
Kate Stoltz NYC
burgundy velvet choker
Valentine’s Day
kate stoltz



Featured Valentine’s Day Sale Items:

Kate Stoltz NYC Black Lace Dress

Kate Stoltz NYC Cream Shift Dress

Kate Stoltz NYC A Pink Velvet Dream Choker

Kate Stoltz NYC Burgundy Wine Choker

Kate Stoltz NYC Black Leather Choker

Sale is subject to dates and specifics set by Kate Stoltz NYC. Contact with any questions or concerns.


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