Details of the Hand Sewn Kate Stoltz Shimmery Blouse

kate stoltz nyc iridescent blouse

The hem, neckline and seams are all hand finished on the Kate Stoltz Hand Sewn Shimmery Blouse. The gold and black braid trim adorning the center front of the blouse is hand sewn, with each stitch going precisely into the ends of the braid. The blouse was made in New York City, using imported materials.

Kate Stoltz NYC shimmery blouse details
Hand finished seams on the Kate Stoltz NYC Shimmery Blouse

Packaged in white paper to avoid excessive wrinkling during shipment, the shimmery blouse is then put into a sturdy Kate Stoltz NYC cardboard box.

kate stoltz nyc blouse
The blouse is packaged in white tissue paper, then put into a sturdy cardboard box for shipping

When the blouse arrives, it is ready to wear and style however you please. I wore mine to the Hamptons on the weekend, since the colors went well with the beach, as you can see below.

Kate Stoltz shimmery blouse and white lace skirt
Kate Stoltz Shimmery Green Blouse worn with the White Lace Hamptons Skirt

To find the blouse and kate stoltz skirt on the Kate Stoltz website, click the following link below:
Kate Stoltz NYC blouse

Kate Stoltz NYC white lace skirt


  1. It’s beautiful! I’m a little to old to wear it but my daughter in law would like it! Would love to see your fashion in stores one day!


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