Yachts parked at the dock in St. Tropez, South of France

St. Tropez, South of France

Yachts parked at the dock in St. Tropez, South of France
Yachts parked at the dock in St. Tropez, South of France

Getting to St. Tropez in the South of France from New York City requires a flight to Nice, then an hour and a half car ride along the jagged coast line. The trip there is well worth it, especially during the summertime when it’s warm and the social scene is lively.

Kate-Stoltz-in-St-Tropez France
Walking into the sunset
Kate Stoltz in St. Tropez, France
Kate Stoltz in St. Tropez, France

My visit was during the first week of September. The last week of August is typically the prime time to visit, but I was advised that it gets a little too crowded and very lively. Since I wanted a more laid back experience, I chose to visit the week after, once the crowds have usually died down a little. The popular places in the town of St. Tropez and the beach clubs along the ocean still had a great crowd, so it was far from quiet.

St. Tropez, France
Typical architecture in St. Tropez, France

If you’re looking where the best place to eat in St Tropez, you’ll want to check out the beach clubs. There, you can relax under your cabana for a couple hours, walk in to the restaurant for a leisurely lunch, and stroll back out for a rosé as the afternoon turns into evening. My favorite beach club/ lunch spot was Bagatelle, pictured below. Fresh fish from the ocean, vegetables from local gardens served on an enormous platter with boiled eggs and grilled sweet corn were a healthy but indulgent and incredibly satisfying lunch. While I had many other outstanding dining experience during my visit such as Club 55, Bagatelle was easily my favorite place to eat in St. Tropez.

where to eat-in-St-Tropez-France-
Bagatelle: a beach club that’s is a great place for lunch right by the beach in St. Tropez.
A beautiful vegetable platter served at Bagatelle

After spending a couple of days in St. Tropez, we drove through Cannes and Monaco over to Cap Antibes. Cap Antibes is another beautiful spot along the French Riviera…

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  1. Dear Kate, I am so very happy for your being in Europe. The Riviera is such a special place and I know you are having a great time !
    Best wishes and safe travels, your customer and admirer Elfriede Rucker

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