kobi halperin dress x kate stoltz

Wearing a Scarf as a Headband

kobi halperin crochet dress
Wearing a headbands has become more trendy since headbands have appeared in several recent designer runway shows. Several of the fashion bloggers I follow on Instagram are giving me major Blair Waldorf vibes by sporting headbands, making me even more excited that Gossip Girl is getting a reboot (expected in the spring of 2020, who’s as excited as I am?!).

silk scarf worn as headband

 While a standard headband is often used to achieve the look, wearing a scarf neatly rolled up and tied around the head is one of my favorite style hacks. Once headbands go out of style (trends never hang around forever!) I can continue styling my scarf in other ways. I recently wore the Peonies on Carrara marble scarf with a crocheted Kobi Halperin dress and Tabitha Simmons shoes. I’ll admit, it was a little daunting venturing out of my comfort zone and wearing a scarf as a headband. However, it was fun and reminded me that I need to be a little more fearless and have fun styling my wardrobe.
Scarf: Kate Stoltz Peonies Scarf
Shoes: Tabitha Simmons
Collaboration: For Bloggers Only
Location: Nantucket
kobi halperin dress x kate stoltz
Enjoy reading about the fun headband trend? Find out more about an ethical fashion brand Kate Stoltz recently worked with here: Finding Ethically produced Fashion Brands

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