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Working on Labor Day? You’re not Alone

Happy Labor Day Weekend! This weekend is unofficially the date that we associate with the end of long summer weekends. You’re most likely hanging out with your family and friends at a barbecue in your backyard or spending one last long summer weekend at the shore.

minimalist marcellamoda black blouse

While the weekend is a fun family and friend affair for most individuals, there are millions of American workers that don’t have the day off. Waitstaff, chauffeurs, chefs, doctors, nurses, hotel staff, cleaning crews, train operators, concierges, reporters, retail workers and many other laborers work over the Labor Day weekend. It’s often a very lonely day for workers serving other people that are celebrating a holiday they too hold dear.

I was a waitress working full-time at two restaurants before I got signed to Major Model Management’s New York division in 2012. I worked double shifts on every holiday except for Christmas, which is sacred for my family. Thanksgiving was always the hardest holiday for me. Spending the holiday serving other people was a reminder that I was not financially stable enough to have the day off. It was also a clear reminder that the vast majority of Americans were able to be with their friends and family while I (at the time) barely had a relationship with my family. Even though I was in the midst of a busy restaurant, holidays were often a lonely day.

If you are working on holidays, just know that you are not alone. There are millions of others working today and on other national, religious and federal holidays. What helped me get through holidays was my relationships with my coworkers. I was fortunate to work with incredibly kind and funny people that kept my spirits up and made the day fun. Calling my family the day before or after the holiday was always helpful. I also made sure to celebrate the holiday before or after the actual day itself. Celebrating holiday before or after the recognized day allowed me to avoid the crowds and concentrate on the company of my friends.

If you’re not working on a holiday, make sure to be extra generous to the waitstaff and the valet. Leave a tip for the concierge and the cleaning staff if you’re staying at a hotel. They are likely working because they need the cash to pay for classes and/or rent and will greatly appreciate the tip. It’s doubtful any of them would choose to be at work making sure you have a good time on a holiday we all share as a country instead of enjoying the day with their own friends and family. They’re working at a service to you- make sure you recognize them for that.

XOXO, Kate Stoltz


The minimalist black Marcellamoda blouse is handmade by artisans in an European atelier. Looking at the garment, I can’t help but notice the expert construction and sewing techniques. The soft cotton fabric clings to the body, creating a slim, modern silhouette. I paired the blouse with my comfortable crepe Reset Label essential trousers, which have an elastic band at the back of the pant and a loose but sleek fit.

Francis Valentine Handbag

The low heeled black sandals kept the outfit comfortable. I added a pop of color to the otherwise navy and black outfit with a summery yellow wicker Frances Valentine Francis Valentine hand bag. I just recently discovered Francis Valentine, which is a unique brand launched by Kate Spade along with Andy Spade and Elyce Arons. Scrolling through the Francis Valentine website, there a strong vintage vibe with saturated yellow, green, red, navy and pink. The brand is refreshingly unique amongst a sea of conservative modern styles, and offers cheerful styles that can quickly spice up an otherwise vanilla wardrobe.

Blouse: Marcellamoda

Trousers: Reset Label

Handbag: Frances Valentine handbag

Collab: For Bloggers Only

XOXO, Kate Stoltz

marcellamoda black blouse

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