travel essentials for glowing skin

Travel Essentials for Glowing Skin

 Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, in fact, looking forward to my next trip helps me get through the long cold winters and harder days. Over the years, I have learned through trial and error how to smoothly transition from living in the comfort of my home to living on the go. Since I usually take the latest Kate Stoltz collection pieces with me for location shoots, maintaining my appearance and skin during the trip is more important than it might be for travelers flying only for leisure.

Flying is known to cause dehydration due to the airplane’s circulation system, which brings outside air into the cabin and circulates it to maintain a clean environment. In addition, the time change of a further trip can make you lose precious sleeping hours. If I’m not careful, I end up looking tired. To help with the travel effects, I always leave room in my suitcase for any skin care essentials that I need. Here are several steps I follow to keep my skin looking fresh during a trip:

travel essentials for glowing skin

 1. Prepare your skin before leaving your house. Take a good shower right before leaving for the airport and apply lotion all over your body. I think you should apply lotion to your skin daily, but rarely do because I am rushing to get things done. Before flying is different- I make taking care of my skin a priority. I like Zent’s Mandarin Body Oil – it’s a lightly scented, antioxident infused body oil that almost feels like a fabulous face serum. While I like a heavier lotion before going to bed, I feel more comfortable putting on a nice sweater or silk blouse after using a light body oil that gets absorbed into the skin instead of the blouse.

2. Stay hydrated and maintain a clean diet. Glowing skin starts with drinking enough water and maintaining a relatively clean diet, there’s no question about that. I always drink a lot of water during traveling, especially before, during, and after an international flight. I have on occasion drank a glass of champagne in celebration after lifting off during the departure flight. However, I keep it to less than a glass to reduce the chance of a headache or dry skin. Keeping my diet clean and resisting the urge to snack on chocolates, chips, or other acne triggering foods helps me keep my skin from breaking out.

 3. Pack a face wipe, oil control pad, lip moisturizer, and facial moisturizing serum for the flight. Before any flight, even if it’s only several hours long, I wipe my face with an oil control pad after sitting down in my seat. Airports are filled with people and germs, and I sometimes unconsciously touch my face with dirty fingers. Cleaning my face before the long flight allows my skin to breathe. I then apply a light serum to prevent dryness. I like Dr. Speron’s natural Vita Ce with Ferulic Acid , which is a highly potent serum that increases collagen production. It’s a serum designed to reverse signs of aging, which often are more noticeable during travel. I personally don’t use lotions for my face because it blocks my pores- I find serums work better for my skin type. The dry airplane cabins always make my lips super dry, so I carry my Max + Jane lip nutrient. Every time I apply it, I get a gentle whiff of rose and it seems to last a little longer than regular lip balms.

glowing skin travel essentials
Some of my travel essentials that I always take with me while traveling…

4. Don’t skimp on your facial routine. You’re on vacation in a beautiful part of the world and the last thing you want to be doing is standing in front of a mirror looking at yourself. LOL unless you really like your face and prefer it to the beautiful view outside your window… Sure, you don’t have to do a ten step facial routine, but doing the important steps like removing your makeup, washing your face and applying night creams can make a big difference for your skin.


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Dr. Speron’s Vita Ce with Ferulic Acid , Max + Jane’s lip nutrient and Zent’s Mandarin Body Oil gifted through For Bloggers Only

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