floral print megan park dress

Ravello, Italy in a Megan Park Dress

I spent early September in Ravello, a quiet town along the Amalfi Coast with jaw dropping views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The resort destination boasts beautiful villas, gardens and historic architecture perched over 300 meters above the sea, offering authentic cultural experiences and Italian foods. Walking around the town, you’ll find buildings from as early as 1100 AD. While there are tourists walking around during the day, you can still feel the authentic Italian culture and escape the crowds by visiting less popular but just as beautiful spots.

floral print megan park dress
The Rania Megan Park dress..

The restaurants are easy to choose from, since there are many tasty spots around town. Most of the spots offer freshly made authentic Italian pastas and foods. The ambiance is a more quiet and subdued luxury than the flashier neighboring hotspots of Capri and Positano. I’ve noticed that there are always a couple people at resort locations that like to talk loudly about how important they are in their respective occupations, while making sure everyone notices that they have money. While I’m all about being happy what you have, it’s a different story when I’m looking at a beautiful view and there’s a guy loudly boasting about how much money he makes and who he rubs elbows with back home… The crowd at the Ravello hotel I stayed seemed to be a little more reserved about what they had and who they were. While there are your typical tourists taking photos on the streets, I found the quietly appreciative attitude of the crowd to be refreshing.

While in Ravello, I spent a lot of time just walking around checking out the small boutiques in the town. There were many small shops carrying colorful painted ceramics and other local products in addition to the designer boutiques that were sparsely scattered around. I wore the Megan Park Rania dress that I’ve been looking forward to wearing for dinner..

 Megan Park is a designer based in Australia known for feminine embroidered pieces that transcend the typical time restraints of seasons. Looking at the textile of the dress, I can see she and her design team spend a lot of time with the patterns and fibers. The multicolored floral print is completed with gold fibers running through the dress, with wide strips of different floral patterns. One detail that some print designers miss is they don’t pay attention to how a lighter or reflective side panel can make the individual wearing the dress look wider. The sides of the Rania drawstring waist dress are a darker, but still cohesive, pattern than the center front. I don’t know if this detail was intentional, but it certainly made a huge difference for me. In addition, the drawstring waist was perfect for the abundant pasta and pizza dinner, and the long sleeves were nice for after the sun went down.

floral print megan park dress
Floral print megan park dress

Ravello, I’ll be back to visit!


Kate Stoltz


Dress: Megan Park Rania Drawstring Dress

Collab: ForBloggersOnly

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