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Kate Stoltz
Kate Stoltz

Kate Stoltz NYC was founded by Kate Stoltz in 2014. Kate Stoltz is a fashion designer based in New York City. She moved to the city in 2012 to pursue a modeling career after being signed by Major Model Management NYC, one of NYC’s top ten modeling agencies. Kate went on to appear in international fashion magazines, appeared on major television broadcasts, worked in fashion showrooms and walked New York City runway shows.

While working in the fashion industry as a model, Kate Stoltz discovered her true passion: fashion design. Kate had started sewing at the young age of nine after watching and helping her older sister. However, after moving to the city, she no longer made her own clothes and missed being able to work with fabrics. The exposure to the fabulous fashion shows inspired Kate to once again embrace her creative side. She immersed herself into the world of fashion design, couture construction and style.

Kate was accepted into the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City as a fashion design major student in 2015. She is an honor student and was placed on the Dean’s List at FIT. She is also a Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society member. At FIT, Kate has taken classes focused on couture garment construction, industry-standard pattern making, sketching, and other subjects related to fashion design. She is dedicated to mastering the work, with a tendency to strive for perfection.

Between semesters at FIT and working on Kate Stoltz NYC, Kate Stoltz had the opportunity to work with internationally known and admired fashion designer Cynthia Rowley. Kate worked as an intern at Cynthia Rowley’s design studio in New York City. There, she helped create patterns, cut and sew couture garments for their upcoming fashion show. Kate also helped production at the Midtown factory, collected swatches for new garments, and did various other tasks that the team needed assistance with.

Kate Stoltz is funneling her 16 years of sewing experience, her education, exposure to the fashion industry, creativity and endless energy into her own fashion label: Kate Stoltz NYC. Other than the scarves that she designs and produces, all of the pieces in the Kate Stoltz NYC collection are couture pieces made in New York City. Each garment is carefully cut to individual client measurements, using a mixture of patterns and draping to get the best fit. The pieces are then sewn together using both machine and hand- based on the individual seam and garment.



12 thoughts on “About Kate Stoltz NYC

  1. Ever since I’ve watched breaking amish kate is my role model, your the best 🙂
    kind regards,
    Your biggest fan from the netherlands 🙂


    1. I just started watching the show. I watched the past show as well. Can’t believe the accomplishment you’ve made, and how beautiful you are inside and out! So sorry you felt bullied by the producers. You show true innocent and honesty on the show. I hate where reality TV has gone, more non-reality. Good for you speaking up! ❤️


  2. I’m no fashion expert but your designs make me go wow, how did she get that good so fast?! Very impressive considering your Amish upbringing! deng


    1. Hi Donald English,
      Thank you! I have been sewing for 16 years, and have devoted my time to learn everything I can about fashion design and construction. I am also a fashion design student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, which has helped me tremendously. Creativity is something a person is born with, and it when I am working with design that I am the happiest!
      Kate Stoltz


  3. I’ve followed the show from the beginning here in Toronto, Canada. You are such a great role model. You should be proud of how far you’ve come, Kate. All your hard work is paying off! Amazing. 🙂


  4. I know how it feels to miss working with fabrics Kate. Before I got hurt and ended up bedridden, I designed and made most of my own clothes. If I wanted something a bit (or a lot) different I could just dream it and make it. Now I am very hard pressed to find someone who would make me a cape for cold winter days when I have to go out for a doctors appointment, Coats just don’t work when trying to get them off and on in my wheelchair. I just keep dreaming of the day I will be well enough to set up my sewing machine again!

    I love your sheath dresses, they are much like how I preferred to dress. Now I get all decked out in a new nightgown or sleep-tee for those hot dates with hubby!! Good work girl, your tenacity is impressive.


    1. Hi Summer,
      Working with fabrics to create pretty pieces is so rewarding! I love to hear from people that make their own clothing too.. I’m sure your clothing was beautiful. Do you like to work with embroidery? It’s very time consuming, but I started doing it when I have to sit for an extended period of time while traveling.
      I’m sorry to hear that you got hurt and need a wheelchair to get around. I wish you a speedy recovery so that you can get back on the sewing machine and get around again. Have a good day 🙂
      Kate S


  5. Dear Kate, Good evening! I admire your organizational skills and drive. Would you or Mary have a recipe for Shoofly Pie or Butter Cake? There is a white afghan on your sofa, what is the stitch name? Have you considered designing furniture, possibly for Crate & Barrel? What are your favorite architects? Could you redesign the yellow pages paper disposable dress? Maybe with a more modern take representing apps or programs, or the internet in someway. I will be following you in hopes to someday see your paintings, sculpture, and cookbook. CREATE!


  6. Hi Kate! I really like your style! Hope all goes well for you! I want to see more beautiful designs!


  7. I am so tremendously proud if you! You are such an inspiration to women of all ages. We may have met you on Breaking Amish, but your creativity and talent will now have the opportunity to resonate around the world! Here’s wishing you every professional success and personal happiness…it is well deserved!


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