Navy Groovalution Jumpsuit

Balancing out My Closet

Navy Groovalution Jumpsuit
Navy Groovalution Jumpsuit

As a designer, I enjoy sketching and creating gowns and dress for special events for my brand, Kate Stoltz. I often wear samples and prototypes so that I can get pictures of the pieces for social media and my website. As a result, the vast majority of my closet consists of special occasion dresses, silk blouses and gowns. While this might sound like fun, it doesn’t give me a lot of options to wear on an every day basis.

 Making patterns, draping, cutting fabric and sewing intricate samples is anything but glamorous work. Threads get literally everywhere, since I am always snipping and trimming the seams. I’ll wear a simple t-shirt and jeans or jumpsuit on most days. Wearing an outfit that is easy to style and clean is important to me while I am working. That way I can focus on completing the job instead of worrying about snagging or staining an expensive piece. I also cook a lot, and refuse to wear anything silk because grease does go well with silk.
A small percentage of my closet consists of workout clothing, swimsuits, and a handful of sweaters, jeans and blouses. To balance out my wardrobe, I’ve been searching for and adding more wearable pieces. I have several jumpsuits, which are easy to wear, quick to style and still stylish enough wear if I need to run to the store for supplies.
navy-Groovalution jumpsuit-outfit-
One of the jumpsuits that I’ve been wearing a lot lately is a navy jumpsuit by Groovalution. The collared,  button down jumpsuit has a tie waist, front working breast pockets and sleeves that can be ruched up and buttoned. The jumpsuit reminds me of a cool flight suit, but more feminine. The sturdy navy fabric makes the Groovalution jumpsuit a great piece to wear for every day tasks or running errands. I wore a low heel with the jumpsuit, but sneakers would work really well with it too. The dark navy fabric allows me to not worry- I even wore it to cook dinner the other evening!
Cooking with Green Chef in the Groovalution Jumpsuit
Cooking with Green Chef in the Groovalution Jumpsuit
 I know I found a good piece if I keep it long enough to turn into paint clothes. I have several pieces that I only wear while doing art projects with paint. I know this will be one of these pieces, since the construction and fabric seems stronger than most.
What is your go-to wardrobe staple for staying chic while working on art projects?
XOXO, Kate Stoltz
Navy Jumpsuit: Groovalution
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